Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to all of my clients and to all of you who ordered Christmas cards this year! I meant to have this up earlier but I have been busy busy with some orders! YAY!

I will be putting up new birth announcements, some blog designs and even some wedding invitations (WOW!!) and I am debating changing the way a few things are done just to make it a little easier to understand. But for now...things are staying the same and I am hoping to have some Valentines Day stuff coming.

I am planning on sending out Valentine Day cards to all of the friends and family that sent us Christmas cards. Kinda ironic that with all of the cards I was doing...I never got my own finished!! Who wouldn't love a valentine card though right?! I love any kind of mail that isn't bills!

I hope your year is fantastic!


Brandi said...

That's right, I didn't get a C Card from the Hoods! That is ironic!;)
Can't wait to see the V-day cards!!!! They are always so darling...and i would be very interested in your blog you can see mine is still Christmas!HA
And no idea when I will have time to change it. SIGH.;)
Miss you!!!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

How are you? I've been needing to email you for months! Everyone loved our cards :) Thanks!