Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holly and Berries...Take Two

My cute friend Natalie ordered the Holly and Berries card for her Christmas card this year. She wanted this card...

changed to a 4x8

...with a frame for each of her adorable kids.

If you are interested in a card and doing a custom size (4x8...6x6...5x5), or want the card the same size and want to change it around to fit your family needs it is only $6.00. Select the custom card option in the "sizes" pull down bar. Email me your pics and the specifics and I will get your card built for you!

Custom cards built from scratch for your family card are only $10.00!!


Ben & Heather said...

Seriously Everyone who blog stalks this sight. $10 for a CUSTOM card? You can't even buy cards for that anymore and these are so much cuter and will mean so much more!
So cute!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Glad you posted that! I always tell everyone that you can change the ones you have to fit their needs, but I don't know if they actually get it. Seeing is believing! absolutely LOVE my card. Thanks!