Saturday, October 10, 2009

They are FINALLY here!!!

Christmas cards are up and ready to go! YAY!!!!

When you find a card you like please note that you are free to change the wording and the colors of the text.

If you would like the card in another size other than 4x6 or 5x7 it is only $1.00 more. (Changing to a 4x8 may slightly change the design of the card)

Custom Christmas card designs for this season have been changed to $10.00. I will be happy to design your card from scratch or change a current card to your specific needs.

REMEMBER!! With every Christmas card purchase, you will also get gift tags!

They are on one 4x6 and can easily printed from your home printer or uploaded to your print center of choice. (Costco is 13 cents a print...that is about 6 cents a tag!)

I have set up a referral system too. If you send someone to my site and they buy a Christmas card, you will get 25% off your next purchase. Just have them say that you sent them in their email! My way of saying thank you for passing the word along!


Ben & Heather said...

Oh girl! you have been busy! These are gorgeous!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

These really are so cute! All my presents this year will have one on 'em.